Our very own Jay Payne gives the gift of zombie beheadings to Twitch this Christmas.

By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Over on Twitter, artist Jay Payne — in the interest of the holiday gift giving season — unleashed this massive art piece to the online world. The subjects as well as recipients are TwitchTV’s Echoics, Smixxa, ThatsCat, Kiwion, Mr. Moon, and BLIZZVID.

DayZ Valkyries

For those of you unfamiliar, Echoics, BLIZZVID, Smixxa, ThatsCat, MrMoon, and Kiwion rule the Twitch gaming circuit, providing hours of streaming entertainment to their viewers, these gentlemen and ladies play DayZ, a post-apocalyptic, “open world survival horror” game. While playing DayZ, gamers are allowed to create their own Walking Dead-esque storylines involving betrayal, sacrifice, and triumph to entertainment of their online subscribers. Think of it as a post-apocalyptic social experiment

(Full disclosure here: Jay and I work on a webcomic together called Bamn. And as someone who has witnessed these DayZ soap operas unfold over Jay’s shoulder, I have to admit that they are more entertaining than most primetime TV shows.)

On Twitter, the survivalists responded. Smiling emoticons were shared by all:

Bamn, a wrestling webcomic about nerds vs. jocks, is available online for free with a new installment every Wenesday at BamnComics.com.

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