Ninja, zombies, and catsuits. Get in here already.

By Derek Scarzella

Ah, nothing gets my blood going like home brewed, short format independent cinema. And CHAD MEDIA recently gave me a fun, Ninja-filled fix.

For a small independent operation, Chad Media actually pumps out an impressive amount of content. “Ninja and Zombies” is the most ACTION A GO GO of the bunch, but they have a whole collection of short and fun retro vids. In particular, they make pretty hilarious pop culture commentary such as Kim Kardashian Break The Internet Parody (NSFW).

But we’re not here to check out Kim K’s omnipotent butt. We’re here to see white hot, low budget ninja action!

All the videos from the series so far can be seen below. Thanks to Chad Media for being cool with us sharing them.


Bruce Lee Lives by ChadMedia

Ninjas of the Caribbean by ChadMedia

Ninjas and Zombies by ChadMedia

A Dangerous Lady! by ChadMedia

Ninja Namaste by ChadMedia


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Source: CHAD MEDIA | Action A Go Go on Twitter and Instagram |Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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