Watch your throats!  Oskar Schindler’s in town.

By Zak Attack

It’s that time of week again.  No, not Blu-Ray steelbook day.   It’s time for a new Honest Trailer to drop.  Fortunately Screen Junkies put one together for Taken, as if reading our minds about Neeson Season.  Listen to the disembodied trailer voice make comments about the implicit racism of the series while pointing out Neeson’s callousness for human life.  We can’t wait for the third one here!


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Zak has been an avid movie fan since his mom made him cover his eyes before the “icicle stabbing” when they rented Die Hard 2 in 2nd grade.  As a consolation, in 6th grade he got straight A’s so she gave him the entire Die Hard trilogy on VHS. The rest is history.

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