Guess what? It may have taken a lackluster Spider-Man reboot, a total hacking by the “Guardians of Peace”, and generations of fan outrage but Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


By Derek Scarzella

Marvel’s Kevin Feige will be working with Sony producer Amy Pascal to integrate the properties long term. As part of the deal Spider-Man will appear in an unspecified Marvel film in the near future and Sony will still release the next Spider-Man film in July 2017. That movie will be co-produced with Marvel and other MCU characters will be integrated into the story, just like they are in Marvel films proper. Also, it looks this “next chapter” of the Spider-Man franchise will go on without Andrew Garfield, the star of the last two films.

According to Entertainment Weekly, some other Marvel films have been pushed back by a matter of months to accommodate this new Spider-Man movie. Most notably Thor: Ragnorok is being pushed back to November 3rd 2017 and Black Panther is being pushed back to July 6th, 2018. The Inhumans  and Captain Marvel release dates have been pushed back as well but other films such as Catptain America 3: Civil War and the third Avengers film release dates are not affected.

Marvel, and by extension Disney, are undoubtedly happy with this situation as it brings one of their most valuable franchises back under their umbrella, even if Sony still gets to make the solo Spider-Man movies. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four are still with 20th Century Fox but this may open the gates to future synergy with them as well. But that is pure speculation at this point. For the time being fans of the House Of Marvel can rest easy. One of their heroes is coming home!

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