There’s a love-affair that artists have with super-heroes and mash-ups. Whether combined with old music albums or movies, the fusions are often quite a site. Minnesota-based artist Josh Lynch recently contributed his style of Marvel Comics combinations. Taking a cue from the 1987 film “Spaceballs”, he took Marvel characters and turned them into “mogs” (half-men, half-dogs). Fusing known Marvel characters with different breeds of dog, some of his art has an almost stealthy pun to it (the Doc Ock and Ghost Rider mash-ups come to mind). Of the 16 images, there’s only one female character he utilized: Jubilee. Even though writers can use the word “bitch” (with its most famous meaning) in the books now, I suppose Lynch wanted to avoid any potential controversy that would come with publishing any Marvel female character mash-ups. Here they are, along with my take on them:



wolverineLogan, the cigar-chomping feral dog!

thorThor, the Golden Retriever!

strangedogShaggy, but Strange mutt.

spider-dogSpider-dog, Spider-dog…does whatever a Spider-dog does.

silversurferSurfer dog of the spaceways!

reedrichardsThis dog breed’s a bit of a stretch.

punisherThe dog from “The Adventures of Milo & Otis”…but with more testosterone.

modokSad-eyed pooch with a big head and a high-tech wheelchair. MODOK, pay attention!

jubileeShe’s a bit of a firecracker, ain’t she?

ironmanLet’s face it: We all *know* that Tony Stark’s a dog!

hulkWas he a puppy before turning into a gamma-irradiated bulldog?

ghost riderThis one’s literally off-the-chain.

galactusGiant bowls of dog food are his planets and the Surfer dog is his bit….yeah, you get the idea.

dogockStay cool, Dog-Ock!

cykedogGives new meaning to the term “seeing-eye dog”.

capskullNazi Germany’s Red Dog and the All-American Pooch.

Josh-Lynch-Dog-ThanosThis dog’s got the Infinity Gauntlet and is obsessed with Death. Translation? BEWARE OF DOG!




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