Some artists go for realism. You know what I mean: Perfect proportions, statuesque figures, and impossibly pretty faces. Others go the exact opposite route. Symmetry be damned!

Skyscraper48 (A.K.A Sean Anderson) embraces this philosophy while bringing us our favorite comic book characters, adding a dash of 60s flare or, at times, an 80s neon color pallet. He’s also not scared to throw some major curveballs when dealing with these classic characters. It’s wild, wonderful, and so ACTION A GO GO I couldn’t help myself. I had to make him the subject of this weeks Artist Spotlight.

Please enjoy his work. There are links to his Deviant Art Page at the end of this feature, along with his Twitter handle. AND HE TAKES COMMISSIONS, SO PLEASE GIVE HIM MONEY!

Let’s roll.

aquaia_by_skyscraper48-d4pp6nm burn__rider__burn_by_skyscraper48-d4dthxn catwoman_pink_by_skyscraper48-d6fuotp cheval_noir_wolverine_by_skyscraper48-d4969as cyclops_v__phoenix_quick_comp_by_skyscraper48-d5b1sgv darth_vader_by_skyscraper48-d75326e freeze_by_skyscraper48-d5k6n1x harley_quinn_2_by_skyscraper48-d6wpv4u joker_and_his_magic_fun_time_balloons_by_skyscraper48-d4fm4jg new_avengers_lady_galactus_cover_by_skyscraper48-d6ympx6 rgx_callabo_4__psylocke_by_skyscraper48-d5wyf5j robin___neon_edition_by_skyscraper48-d73971z sandman_by_skyscraper48-d6yfi24 silver_tides_by_skyscraper48-d49qxef supergirl_by_skyscraper48-d6tdssn wonderful_maleficent_by_skyscraper48-d4hu6ia

Skyscraper48’s official page where you can find his work for salehere.

Skyscraper48’s Deviant Art Page can be found here!

His Facebook page can be found here!

You can follow him on Twitter here!

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