Two things get me geeked out: Comic books and music. So imagine my nerdgasm when I saw this.

Hip-hop is my true musical love, so now imagine said nerdgasm…times 100. Much like they back in April with the Deadpool/Infinity Gauntlet jewel runner nod to hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, Marvel has once again commissioned various artists to give the company’s homage to classic hip-hop albums. Under a new upcoming line called Hip-Hop Variants, Marvel will begin releasing their hip-hop tributes in October.

I’ve seen comic book-inspired hip-hop before, but this is the reverse and a fitting homage to the interconnected mediums. Apparently, there are more than 50 covers made so far. The six below are a sufficient appetizer until October. The “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” and “Return to the 36 Chambers” are my favorites of the six.


dr-strange-dr-dre howard-the-duck-ol-dirty-bastard ironman-50-cent ms-marvel-lauryn-hill sam-wilson-asap-rocky x-men-de-la-soulantman





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