By Andrew Allen

While the cinephile community has taken to turning its nose up at digital effects as of late (despite the acclaim of CGI-heavy films such as ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Avatar’ and ‘Gravity’) some folks are willing to stand up for the spectacular work done by digital VFX artists. The folks over at Rocket Jump (who were also behind the popular  web series ‘Video Game High School’) just dropped a new video explaining why CGI doesn’t actually suck and why a lot of movie snobs might be fooled into thinking it does. Thankfully the vid is spreading like wildfire online, hopefully putting an end to the silly “Practical > CGI” notion that has gripped the film community recently like a fervent dogma.

Celebrate digital artists and their work, check out the video right here on AAGG.

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Andrew Allen is a television and film writer for Action A Go Go. He is an aspiring screenwriter and director who is currently studying at the University of Miami. You can check him out on Tumblr @andrewballen and follow him on Twitter @A_B_Allen.