I mean, now you want me to prove it? C’mon, look, just take my word for it.

Wait, you need more proof? Thank God my buddies at Film Rant came through with this excellent video that goes elbows deep into the reasons Kung Fury is movie making manna from heaven.

In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure Millennials like myself are so enamored with this short movie because it manages to nail 80’s references the way that Michael Jordan nailed free throws. They come hard and fast out of necessity but are done with such naked filmmaking panache that you just can’t fail to appreciate the space this movie is coming from. Speaking of film making panache, I mean … it’s just a well done film. It put’s everything that came out this year to shame except MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

It’s a marvel that it exists and should be celebrated for what it is. It is one of — if not the most — amazing independent short film ever made.

Roll the tape.

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