Four years after ‘Back To The Future’ took the world by storm, ‘Back To The Future Part II’ hit screens. Taking place directly after the first movie, this time Doc and Marty take the DeLorean to the year 2015 to fix Marty’s family problems and restore balance to his life and the future of everyone he loves. When things go wrong, the duo return home to discover that arch enemy Biff Tannen has taken over the home town and turned it into his own personal playground.


‘Back To The Future Part II’ was a massive blockbuster smash-hit, making over $390 million from a budget of $40 million – a portion of which was split with ‘Back To The Future Part III’.

To many fans of the first movie (including myself), ‘Part II’ is still a perfect sequel, staying as faithful as possible to the first movie while trying to create something new while carrying on the franchise. Considering that a sequel originally wasn’t on the cards at all, this movie turned out incredibly. It may not get the attention of the first, but ‘Back To The Future Part II’ is an energetic movie that is always a joy to watch. Also, it must be noted that the film’s version of 2015 when compared to the one we’re living just makes it all the funnier (We haven’t quite reached ‘Jaws 19’ yet).


In continuing our celebration of the trilogy, here are our 10 favorite scenes/moments from ‘Back To The Future Part II’.

10. Hill Valley

9. Biff’s Future

8. Marty Is Fired

7. “We gotta go back to 1955!”

6. “Let go of the car!”

5. “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!”

4. Marty & Marty

3. Future McFlys

2. Young Biff & Old Biff

1. “I need to borrow your… Hoverboard?”

If you have any fun facts, thoughts on scenes or just some good old memories of the movies, please share them with us in the comment boxes.

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