A lot of design work has been prepared at Bethesda studios in preparation for their mammoth upcoming release: “Fallout 4”. As per usual, Bethesda has their best artists on the job, all coming together to make the most beautiful and compelling post-apocalypse you ever did see.

If you’re hyped about the release of “Fallout 4”, these morsels from the soon-to-be-released official art book for the game should add some fuel to your gaming fire.

Take a peek…STK688270-8 1446317892878 STK669696 1446310980509 12189980_884137638301800_4467863740158817480_n 20151023_162307 STK669693 12195906_884138251635072_8408276066099905028_n STK688270-5 STK688270-4 Troy Icon STK688270-1 STK688270-2 STK688270-3 STK688270-7

The “Fallout 4” art book hits store shelves in December and is available to preorder now.

Source: Bethesda.net

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