The last time we caught up with Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson of Game of Thrones fame, he’d taken time away from crushing peoples heads to win Europe’s Strongest Man competition a second time. Now Björnsson is going for a World’s Strongest Man!

The catch: In order to qualify to compete, Björnsson must crush the  current world record for keg tossing. Well…

At this point, Hafthór owns every competition he participates in. However, what is also impressive is the fact that 50-year-old Mark Felix came in third place behind Johannes Årsjö.

Like, 50-years-old?! Are you @#$%^ kidding me?!

Don’t tell us monsters don’t exist, because Felix, Årsjö, and Björnsson are real and clearly at beast mode levels of awesome.

Congratulations, guys.