A petition has been created to get the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences to recognize stunt people for their contributions to movies, and we couldn’t agree more. The petition was started by Stand Up For Stunts, and so far it has (as of this writing) 37,872 signatures of its 45,000 signature goal. While of course this won’t affect the Oscars this, or possibly even next year, it’s a great way to send a strong signal to the Academy that these performers need to be recognized.

And why not? Since the inception of cinema itself these performers have literally been putting their lives on the line to amaze people in theatres. They are part of the Screen Actors Guild, are an integral part of the process, and in some cases they are putting in more work than the actors themselves. You can check out this video to get an idea of just how much is involved in being a stunt man (or woman).

So what are you waiting for!?!?!?!

Click the image below and SIGN THIS PETITION! Show the world that stunt people matter and need to be recognized at the level they deserve.