Once a month, the fine folks at Well Go USA make one of the film’s in their vast Asian cinema catalog available to the public via streaming. This month’s film is one of Korea’s highest grossing films of all-time, 2012’s The Thieves (below).13116385_1417771744915275_5999576740591130349_oThe Thieves stars Popeye (played by Lee Jung-jae) and his group of professional cat burglars as they attempt to lay low in Macau after their last job. Because this is a heist film, the crew stumble into game of tug of way involving the $20 million “Tear of the Sun” diamond. Old flames, double-crosses, and previous misdeeds rise to the surface in this award-winning, globe-trotting caper flick from the director of The Big Swindle (2004) and Assasination (2015).

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Source: Well Go USA