I won’t lie to you. One of the perks of manning Action A Go Go is that you occasionally receive cool things in your inbox. A Martial Arts Tango, director Johnny K. Wu‘s latest short film (below), came across my desk not too long ago, and it is a 10 minute feast of fast footwork and fist-flying.

According to the director, the project originally came about as a test to see how Panasonic’s GH4 handles shooting in snow and rain. Martial artists Andrew Santin, Benjamin Zgorecki, Jedidiah J. Fabian, Jerry Sur, Kristina Michelle, Matthew Kane, and Keith Collins II were all up for the task — practicing 4 weeks in advance to get their choreography down.

A Martial Arts Tango is a breezy, fun ride.The type of guerilla filmmaking that not only inspires, but also displays a disarming level of skill. Also, Wu’s ability to make Ohio come off as a kick ass place to live deserves compliment. (Just kidding, Ohio…you know we love you.)



Source: mdifilm