Are you still complaining about comics?

Seriously, it is time to stop.

While I’m well aware of the fact that complaining about funny books is like a nerd pastime, the fact of the matter is that comics are a lot like television in that there are waaaaay too many options out there for you to not be able to find something to read. 

Example: Do you like Showtime’s HOMELAND? How about Grant Morrison’s THE INVISIBLES? Maybe you dug Warren Ellis’ GLOBAL FREQUENCY or David O. Russell’s THREE KINGS? How about the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE franchise? Well, there is a comic that has just hit shelves a few weeks back and it reads like a mish-mash of all those things. It’s called GHOST MONEY and comes to us courtesy of Magnetic Press. Check out the trailer and keep on scrolling after for more!

Admittedly, I’m into conspiracy theories. I find them to be a fascinating alternate way to view history. And it just so happens that GHOST MONEY zeroes in on the conspiracy theory that actually piqued my interest in alternate histories in the first place: Who REALLY profited from September 11th?

15 minutes on YouTube and you’ll easily find that 9/11 has replaced the murder of JFK as the go-to for theorist, and GHOST MONEY’s plot fully embraces this premise by directly linking Al-Qaeda to the riches acquired once lower Manhattan was attacked in 2001.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

A stark, frightening, and exciting action thriller set in a near-future built from today’s international headlines! Mercenaries and intelligence agencies race to find a fabled Al-Qaeda fortune amassed from stock manipulation surrounding 9/11, one so big it could destabilize the entire global economy. At the center of their hunt is a sole heiress and her newfound friend.


Having read the first issue of GHOST MONEY (in comic shops now!), I was totally on board for the opening that takes place during The War on Terror. What I didn’t expect was a sweeping tale of jet setting and romance that followed. Once GHOST MONEY has established its plot it becomes clear that this is going to be a globe-trotting espionage story with plenty of wining and dining to counter-balance the action. We’re not just following a paper trail here, where getting a borderless, glitz and glamour adventure similar to MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, OCEAN’S 11, or James Bond. And that’s just in the first issue.

GHOST MONEY is scheduled to run for 10 issues. Issue 1 just dropped earlier this month and it is an energetic combination of words and pictures told by French creators Thierry Smoldren and Dominique Bertail. Do yourself a favor and check it out now. Especially if you just desperately want to read good $#!+.


Source: Magnetic Press