At ACTION A GO GO, we love highlighting cool, original, and above all hardcore things. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

When LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS hit in 2019 the job was easy. Hardcore science fiction for adults in the United States, or any animation for adults in the United States, is nearly none existent. Sure, Rick and Morty and shows like it a thing, but they don’t play it straight. Cartoons in the U.S need to be wrapped up in comedy. Superhero cartoons are an alternate source but are bound to their superhero formula. It’s sad and holds back a small ocean of talent that can give us new and original ideas in the animation space.

With LDR, all of that was fixed. The show consisted of a series of short films, all unrelated, that ranged from horror to hard sci-fi to (there it is again) comedy. It was a beautiful, amazing ride that always kept you guessing. And we just got word that we are going on this ride again! It’s coming May 14th, 2021, and if you haven’t watched the first series please stop what you are doing and watch it. It is as ACTION A GO GO as it gets. Check out the trailer below, and if you have fond memories of the original series let us know in the comments!