It’s said that you should never meet your heroes, but I am so glad I did not take that advice it’s not even funny. Marc Singer, star of the BEASTMASTER film series as well as the legendary sci fi television show V was kind enough to share some time with me to discuss his latest role as Colonel Green in AGENT RECON. We got to geek out (well I did) over his legendary Beastmaster performance and discuss AGENT RECON, as well as working with Chuck Norris for the first time!

It was fantastic, and we hope you enjoy the interview below!

On Digital and On Demand: June 21, 2024

Director: Derek TingWriter: Derek Ting

Cast: Derek Ting, with Marc Singer and Chuck Norris

Synopsis: A covert military task force tracks a mysterious energy disturbance at a secret base in New Mexico that is suspected of experimenting on alien technology. Once there, the team encounters an unknown being of extraordinary strength and speed, and the ability to control an army of mindless warriors. The trio must fight through the unstoppable hordes to prevent humanity’s demise.