While World War II gets movie after movie, it’s important to remember that World War I was equally all-encompassing and, in many ways, even more brutal. ‘Before Dawn’ chronicles the trials of Australian soldiers who volunteered to fight for the British in WWI and does not pull any punches.

Check out the trailer and synopsis below for this gripping new WWI movie.

BEFORE DAWN | In Theaters & On Digital July 19th |
After leaving his family’s sheep farm in the Australian outback, a young man joins his countrymen on the western front of World War I with hopes of helping expedite an end to the bloody conflict. But as war rages on, he is forced to grapple with the brutal realities of trench warfare, including a near-constant battle to keep himself alive—without leaving another man behind.

Directed by: Jordon Prince-Wright
Cast: Levi Miller, Travis Jeffery, Myles Pollard, Tim Franklin, Jordan Dulieu, Peter Sullivan, Ed Oxenbould, and Stephen Peacocke