The future is bright, and you can look no further then AFROFUTURES to see it. Started by ACTION A GO GO contributor Troy Jeffrey Allen and a cavalcade of talent, it promises 100 pages of futuristic fun.

What we are treated to through the project is a series of stories hosted by a robot DJ named “808” that remixes the past from the future, showing us stories like the secret agent history of Josephine Baker, super heroes rescuing the first Black President, and more!

Scene from the Nazi fighting adventures of Josephine Baker
All-Negro Squad.”  A full-length story by Troy-Jeffrey Allen and Nelson Blake.

I am not going to sugar coat it, I am totally not biased, having known and worked with Troy personally, and am super excited to see where this project goes, as I have signed up for the Kickstarter myself. He has pulled an amazing team together, and the as of this article being published they have already achieved 3/4 of their goal on Kickstarter.

So check it out, sign up, and have some fun! The futures so bright we need to party!