Troy-Jeffrey Allen posted a terrific sneak peek about a Jake “Ragin Bull” LaMotta biopic on the way, so it seemed like the right time to show you LaMotta’s sexploitation classic from the late 60’s….have you heard of:


Here are three reasons to see Jake LaMotta’s 1968 foray into film: his Sexploitation Classic Confessions Of A Psycho Cat!




If someone ever asked you, “hey, how wacky and offbeat WERE those early sexploitation movies anyway?” – well, here is your answer – here’s the plot: A deranged woman offers $100,000 to three men if they can stay alive for 24 hours in Manhattan, and then hunts them down. Here are the three losers as they wait in a room filled with dead, stuffed animals…


Speaking of three, that’s Jake LaMotta on the far right – he has a major role in the film, so here are the three reasons you need to watch this sexploitation classic:


1- The “Raging Bull” Himself!

World Champion Boxer Jake LaMotta – yes, the “Raging Bull” himself – plays one of the three men who accept the bet – and he does a pretty good job in the movie!

LaMotta plays a washed-up wrestler, who accepts the Psycho Cat’s challenge, shouting at her:

“You don’t have a chance. I get in close, I’ll break you in half!”

This taunt leads to the second reason you need to see this film:



2- The “Raging Bull’s” Crazy Sex Scene That Wasn’t!

The movie features a bizarre scene as Jake waits for his “hunt” to begin. After making a phone call topless from his hotel room, he begins to argue with someone – it turns out to be this woman, who is shown supposedly sitting on a bed in the same room…


But here’s the thing: LaMotta and the woman are NEVER shown in the same shot – so you see her on the bed, then getting up, then you see Jake in front of a very empty  bed!



While talking on the phone, his “girlfriend” – in a completely different location –  delivers this classic sexploitation monologue:

“What you bring me up here for anyway? All you’re doing is reading that silly little paper. I came up here to have some fun. What’s the matter? Don’t you like me? (Takes off bra and examines her breasts) I never had any complaints before. Can’t you tell I’m a girl? I think I look pretty good. I think you’re putting me down. I’m sexy and that’s what I came up here for…sex!”


And then she makes out with the mirror! It’s a truly bizarre sequence, and after french kissing the mirror for a minute – topless the entire time – she storms out of the room – but never actually passes Jake or is in the same shot at any time!

Finally, here is the third reason to see this mind-bending masterpiece:


3 – A Mind-Blowing Spanish Matador Battle!

Yes, “Psycho Cat” dresses like a Matador and comes after our “Raging Bull” in a bizarre action sequence that encapsulates everything that makes Confessions Of A Psycho Cat sexploitation at its best!

If someone ever asked you, “hey, how wacky and offbeat WERE those early sexploitation movies anyway?” – here are three very good answers…enjoy the trailer: