In the annals of obscure cinema, one action star reigns supreme – so much so that there is a new documentary that sheds light on the brilliance of…wengweng3

Weng Weng!

If you are not familiar with this Filipino Action Star from the early 80’s, well that’s because NO ONE IS. Now, a new documentary called The Search For Weng Weng will change all

Here are five great reasons to see this film…

1. You are introduced to Weng Weng, who is a fighting dynamo – and he’s 2′ 9″ tall.

Yes, he claimed to be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest movie star in the world. Weng Weng made several films in the Philippines, including this Bond knockoff. That’s why he’s NOT Agent 007 – he is just “Agent OO” in his action spectacular For Y’ur Height Only.


The 1981 action movie was a blatant knockoff of the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, down to the moving target that opens every 007 movie.weng-weng-007-spoof

2. Videos Live Forever.

We can discover the strange world of Weng Weng thanks to home video. The documentary’s director, Andrew Leavold, used to own a video shop in Australia, and when he came across Weng Weng’s movie on VHS, he needed to unravel the mystery of the action star’s sudden rise to fame…and disappearance.


3. Weng Weng did all of his own stunts.

As one Filipino movie stunt man says in the documentary, “Who can double for a guy that small?”  This movie is full of Weng Weng movie moments. So you see him jumping off bridges, cliffs, and, yes, even tall buildings with a single bound – using a bed sheet as a parachute.


4. Imelda Marcos stars in this documentary.

Yes, THAT Imelda Marcos.  Leovold’s obsession takes him back to the Philippines, where the wife of the late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos is willing to meet with him to discuss Weng Weng.imelda-marcos-weng-went-movieShe later gives the Director a tour of her palatial estate, where her late husband’s embalmed body is on display!  This scene alone makes the movie a “must see.”weng-weng-filipino-action-star

5. Weng Weng Has His Own Rap Video!

The rap group The Chuds wrote a song all about Weng Weng – here is the music video filled with great Weng Weng action moments:

As you can see, there are so many great reasons to check out The Search For Wen Weng. It’s an affectionate look at the wacky world of cult cinema – where the Director of “Height” made the equivalent of $500, and the Philippines at one point was one of the biggest movie producers in the world.weng-weng-action-starYes, you also find out about Weng Weng, who starred in a number of films before drifting into obscurity.  The Director does a great job of telling Weng Weng’s entire story with the respect due this terrific, if diminutive Star.

Here is the trailer for this terrific documentary!