OK, movie buffs! Have you seen the classic film where Richard Burton, when not sitting with a crow on his shoulder, seduces the world’s most beautiful women? And then FREEZES THEM?

Intrigued? I thought so! Time to introduce you to Bluebeard, a 1972 thriller starring Richard Burton, Raquel Welch and sex kitten Joey Heatherton.bluebeard-movie-joey-heathertonBluebeard is a perfect example of the 70’s genre of film known as “euro-sleaze”, cheap films filmed in Eastern Europe full of nudity, sex and violence.

bluebeardregularIn case you need this information, here is the plot: A World War I pilot, who everyone envies as a “ladykiller”, actually IS one – because after he beds and marries a beautiful woman, he murders them – and keeps them in a freezer!joey-heatherton-bluebeardThe film is based on the classic story of “Bluebeard” by Charles Perrault – the story of a wealthy aristocrat (Burton) who has murdered several previous wives, like the beautiful Joey Heatherton. And yes, he seduces the sexy Nun Raquel Welch and kills her too!bluebeard-raquel-welch


Yes, Raquel Welch was a nun in this film. But know this: even though she was top billed after Richard Burton, Raquel Welch only has eight minutes of screen time in this two hour long film – don’t be surprised, euro-sleaze was shoddy in every way. So, of course, these films were loaded with sex, violence and back rubs!bluebeard-richard-burton-raquel-welchCheck out the trailer and enjoy some classic euro-sleaze today: