Meet the crew of the Nostromo, a cargo ship making an unexpected stop in outer space. In 1979, Director Ridley Scott shocked moviegoers with a futuristic sci-fi horror film that used that simple premise to became an instant action classic.

With the latest installment due in two months, here are five reasons I love the original Alien.Alien Who Lighting

5- The Who!

Yes, the seminal rock band had a role in creating the moody atmosphere of the film.

These blue laser lights in the alien ship’s egg chamber were borrowed from the band, who were testing out the lasers for their stage show in the soundstage next door.Alien face hugger

4 – The Face Hugger!

The first look at the “alien” takes place when unfortunate Astronaut Kane leans over one of the “egg pods” and gets a big surprise: the face hugger!

Here is why this baby alien looked so creepy: The dead face hugger that is autopsied after being pried off Kane’s face was made using fresh shellfish, four oysters, and a sheep kidney to recreate the internal organs. Tasty…

This leads to the next reason I love this film:

3 – The Bursting Chest!

Yes, after Kane has the face hugger pried off him, he is seemingly okay again.  Then he attempts to eat a meal, and the crew discovers that the alien was inside him! It’s one of the most shocking scenes in movie history.

Here’s a fun fact: the chest bursting scene was filmed in one take with four cameras.

This leads to another reason I love this movie:alien_poster

2- The Poster!

The movie’s poster offers up haunting imagery with one of the greatest taglines ever: “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

A beautiful work of art – oh, and for the “fanboy” in all of us:

1- Sigourney Weaver

She was not only smart enough to defeat the “Alien”, but she didn’t love her outfit in the final scene?  It was exactly this type of raw, revealing moment that showcased her vulnerability – and, of course, she kicks some serious ass!

I can’t wait for the new installment in the Alien series, but let’s remember these five great reasons to love the first one – check out the classic trailer: