How can you argue with this patriotic pose?Raquel-Welch-wearing-flag-bathing-suit-cowboy-IIHIH

Raquel Welch knows how to celebrate the 4th, and I want to thank her for it! ┬áThis iconic Actress burst onto the movie scene in the mid-60’s with a popular film that resulted in the most iconic pin-up poster of the decade…


This image, of Raquel in an animal skin bikini, was the best-selling pin-up poster of the 60’s, and turned her into an international sex kitten – a picture that was taken originally from the set of her first movie, the smash hit One Million Years B.C.

The movie was the perfect vehicle for Welch – a story of life in prehistoric times when there were little dialogue and fewer clothes…

I LOVE when the trailer proclaims, “Introducing Raquel Welch, the amazing star discovery of this, or any year!” Check it out:

Raquel also starred in the 1971 western “Hannie Caulder”, and as you can see, there wasn’t much of a wardrobe budget for the film!


Welch was one of the world’s greatest sex kittens, but she’s also a great Actress – everything from comedies like Fuzz with Burt Reynolds to the great 70’s “whodunnit” The Last Of Shiela.

Here is a more in-depth at her career, especially her hilarious “Seinfeld” appearance!

Raquel, Raquel! 60’s Sex Symbol And “C-C-C-Catfight Seinfeld Star” Raquel Welch!

Thanks for the holiday celebration Raquel!