If it’s Wednesday, time to showcase another woman crush!

Actress Ann-Margret is an iconic Hollywood sex kitten, who got her big break in the 60’s, when she co-starred with Elvis Presley in the iconic Viva Las Vegas.


Elvis was race car driver Lucky Jackson, who goes to Las Vegas to earn money to pay for a new engine for his motor car. Working as a waiter, he still finds the time to court young Rusty Martin, played by Ann-Margret.

Rusty Martin: Can you help me please?
Lucky Jackson: Can we help you? Yes ma’am.
Rusty Martin: Can you check my motor, it whistles.
Lucky Jackson: I don’t blame it!

Ann-Margret Elvis

Ann-Margret’s career continued upward, with parts in Kitten With A Whip and Carnal Knowledge.  However, it is in the classic musical Tommy, for which she received an Academy Award nomination, that she cemented her icon status.

Tommy Ann-Margret

Tommy is Director Ken Russell’s take on The Who’s legendary story of the deaf, dumb and blind kid who plays a mean pinball. In the film’s most legendary sequence, Ann-Margret “swims” in a sea of baked beans that pour down on her….

Ann-Margret baked beans

The Actress largely improvised the infamous bean scene. Director Ken Russell told her that her character was having a nervous breakdown, and that she could do whatever she wanted – and this is what she did!

Unfortunately at one point during filming her hand accidentally struck the broken glass of the TV screen and Russell had to rush her to hospital for stitches.

Here is that scene, with Margret singing Smash The Mirror to Roger Daltry!

For her body of work, and for her brave “roll in the beans” for Tommy, Ann-Marget is my “Woman Crush Wednesday!”

Ann-Margret baked beans