Time for another edition of “JR-sploitaiton”, my look at classic exploitation films, and this one’s a killer!strip-nude-for-your-killer-blu-ray

Strip Nude For Your Killer!

Talk about “Pulp Fiction!”  This film is from the “Giallo” genre, an Italian 20th century series of “pulp fiction” books and film, which in Italian indicates crime fiction, mystery, horror and eroticism.


The word “giallo” is Italian for “yellow” and stems from the origin of the genre as a series of cheap paperback mystery novels with trademark yellow covers.

Strip-Nude-For-Your-Killer-edwige fenech

1975’s Strip Nude For Your Killer stars giallo legend Edwige Fenech, is exceedingly trashy, and entirely enjoyable.


The story involves a hedonistic cast of characters linked to a modeling agency that are being violently killed off one by one. If it was ever in question, don’t worry, most everyone will get completely naked and offer up important clues before being knocked off.

strip nude for your killer giallo

All of the essential “Giallo” trademarks are in place: the faceless leather-gloved killer, mysterious phone calls with cryptic muffled warnings, and as always, the screeching black car appearing out of nowhere (run for your life!)

This is a classic, trashy fun, and an interesting way to test the genre.  You can see more at my website, Johnrieber.com, and of course, check out the film’s trailer: