BULLITT (1968)
Directed by Peter Yates
Starring Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset, Robert Duvall

We decided to start a whole new weekly tradition round these parts alongside the Yes Ma’
am Mondays, the Vixen of the Week, and Wallpaper Wednesday. From henceforth we shall feature Great Moments In Action History! It will be one scene from one movie. It should be something that defines the genre, influenced other movies, or just makes you go damn…that was awesome.

Now we already featured BULLITT for Wallpaper Wednesday but now we are going to show you what keeps people talking about this movie after 41 years.

The car chase. When people first saw this movie it simply blew them away. Amazingly, it just hadn’t been done before. There was no fake background or other gimmickry to get in the way of the action. It was just cameras in and around cars going real fast, through real streets in San Francisco. What’s even more amazing is that it still holds up today and very few movies have remembered the lessons given to us by Bullitt.

As mentioned before the movie is dripping in style and old school charm. It’s also a solid if surprisingly slow paced movie. But there’s no question you should watch. This is a classic among classics and won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Youtube clip is below with a “making of” feature that is a fascinating trip back in time. The Japanese poster is thrown in there for kicks. Enjoy!