Birthed from the literature of Octavia Butler and the cosmic slop of Funkadelic (to name just a few), “Afrofuturism” has matured into a full-fledged cultural movement in the 21st century. It’s purpose: To invite African-American expressionism into the world of science-fiction through music, novels, comics, and various other media.
Basically…it’s a thing.
A self-described “Afrofuturist,” songstress Janelle Monae has been leading the current charge of this movement by taking soul, rap, and R&B into experimental territory. Her albums — Metropolis: Suite I, The ArchAndroid, and The Electric Lady — dare to be different by combining musical influences with overt filmic nods. Monae’s discography would fit comfortably inside cinematic classics such as of Metropolis, Wizard of Oz, and Dr. No.
In the following embeds, you’ll notice a bold orchestral flare. For me, the sweeping epic-ness that has come to define Monae’s musical style is an obvious contender for Daniel Craig’s next opening title sequence. 
What say you?