If you’ve seen The Wolf Of Wall Street, Margot Robbie needs no introduction. She stands toe to toe with Leonardo DiCaprio in every scene and manages to wear the hell out of crazy get up after crazy get up. No surprise she stole my heart then, and this week she is stealing the show and get’s to be our AAGG Vixen Of The Week! Enjoy the selection of pictures below. And if you haven’t seen The Wolf Of Wall Street yet SHAME ON YOU! It’s amazing. Click through for full resolution.

margot-robbie-2013-wallpaper Margot-Robbie-side-hairstyles-black-and-white-hd-wallpaper MR1 THE WOLF OF WALL STREET mr3 MR4 MR5 MR6 MR7 MR8

    All Artwork above and more can be viewed at Menton3′s deviant art page, which can be found here. You can also check out his website, http://menton3.com/ for more info, videos on the artist, and art for sale. Posted by Derek Scarzella Derek Scarzella is a lone wolf running through the night with a heart full of dynamite and a limitless passion for Action movies and all things awesome. ‘Nuff said You can yell at us on Facebook or holler at us on Twitter @ACTIONAGOGO.