H.R Giger, the artist responsible for the inspiration of one of the most famous Hollywood monsters ever has passed away after complications from a fall. He was born in Sweden in 1940 and went to school to study industrial design. Of course he turned to art and made some of the most influential works in modern art history. They have been described as “surrealist” and often deal with themes of sexuality and the fusion of human and mechanical forms. His color palette rarely strayed away from white, black, and gray.

After viewing his works and taking into account the time frame in which he was discovered it can be said without a doubt that Giger was ahead of his time. Over the years he’s earned many awards, including an Oscar for his work on ALIEN (1979) and has been involved in other films, such as the failed feature DUNE that was to be directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, the film ALIEN 3 (1992), the video game Dark Seed (1992),  and Species (1995).

H.R. Giger and Anneka Vasta

I can say that my favorite part about Giger, as movie fan, was not admiring his works but hearing him talk about his inspirations. He came off as a little creepy but still talked openly and honestly about what motivated him and what even scared him. And at times like that he was just an artist sharing himself, through his art, with the world.

Rest In Peace Mr. Giger. You won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

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