Well, it’s that time again! I’ve compiled 60 photos that showcase the talents, humor and cleverness of people all over for the costumed event celebrated every October called Halloween. Halloween is so much fun and people are getting more and more creative with their costumes each passing year. Whether you’re into it or not, it’s always interesting to see what people come up with. So let’s get this thing started shall we?

1. Convincing.



2. Cap’n Crunch! Well done sir!


 3. Terrance and Phillip from South Park.

Phillip and Terrancers

 4. Weird Al anyone? Wait….is that actually Weird Al?

Weird Al


5. The Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus.

sanderson sistersrs2

6. So we all have seen this meme along with a host of others like it right? Well, obviously there must be costume of it then.


 7. Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? Speaking of memes, you might have seen this one as well.


8. Ned Flanders of the Simpsons.

Ned Flandersrs

9. Characters from the classic board game Clue, with weapons in tow.


10. Life sized Legos are always cool.


11.  A car seat. Yes… a car seat. Wow. I want to see the person who sits on this one.


12. Remember the show Dinosaurs that came on in the 90’s? How cool is this Robbie Sinclair costume?


13. Phillip and Terrance from South Park. Simple, yet effective.

Phillip and Terrancers

14. Guys and gals, if you’ve ever used Chatroulette a day in your life, you have probably seen what this guy has framed. Though little effort was needed for this costume, it is all that is needed to be accurate.




16. To all the Sims players out there, no explanation needed. For those unfamiliar, The Sims is a strategic life simulation game first introduced on PC. When your sim is in the buff, the goods get pixilated.


17. Tyrone Biggums, Chappele’s Show.

Tyrone Biggumsrs

18. Daria and Jane from the MTV original cartoon Daria.

Daria and Jane

19. This is pretty brilliant. It looks like this man is being hit by some serious wind in a storm. Low and behold, he is indoors. He made his costume only look like he was in the middle of a hurricane. His pose and expression completes this look perfectly. Got to love a superb original.


20. Derek, Hanzel and Mugatu from Zoolander. These guys go the details down.


21. A perfectly pretty trio of Motown singers.


22. These high school kids became every trophy in their school. A cool idea executed really well.


23. Mac and Dee as Night Man and Princess in The Nightman Cometh play from it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Always Sunny

24. The fortune telling machine you find in any arcade. I would seriously charge people to ask me questions if this were my costume.


25. French Kiss, how clever!


26. And now for a costume completely relevant to the last 2 years, 50 Shades of Grey. I’m willing to be there are more than 50 shades of grey on his body.


27. Tapatio Salsa Picante hot sauce! This is awesome. Notice how he only did what you can see from the man on the bottle. Funny guy.

salsa picanters

28. Many of you may be wondering who these two are. This is Yo-Landi and Ninja from the South African rap group Die Antwoord. It doesn’t get much weirder than these two and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Die Antwoordsm

29. American Psycho. How much does this man look like Christian Bale? I love it when people run with a costume that compliments their own look.

American Psychosm

30. Mario Kart! One of the funnest go-to games of all time. This group is doing the battle mode, where anytime you get hit by a random weapon picked up anywhere on the course or run over a banana peel, you lose one of your balloons. Every player starts out with 3 balloons. The person with the most left at the end of the round wins.


31. Futbol/Soccer fans, you know what this is. This year in the World Cup, Uruguay’s Luis Suarez bit Georgio Chiellini of Italy during their match. This resulted in a 4 month suspension from all football related activities. That was not the first time Suarez has bitten another player on the field either.


32. Minions from Despicable Me. These guys are terrific. This definitely took some time.


33. Now for some makeups. Van Gogh done like a Van Gogh. Very cool.


 34. While we’re on art, how about these 3 ladies that portrayed works by Lichtenstein, Picasso and Warhol spot on? Sometimes the makeup is just as important as the costume itself.


 35. Miss Argentina from Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Very lovely, job well done.

Miss Argentina

36. This Makeup for the Lion King’s Scar is so good. Even the hair was done to look like his.


37. Creepy, horrifying, spectacular makeup. I love how she mixed beauty with terror.

facemakeup coll

38. Last but not least for the adult round is the everything costume. When you can’t decide, be all of them! “They told me I could be anything, so….” Can you identify all the movies implemented into this costume?


 Time to see what the kids have for us. I am always amazed at how much effort parents put into their children’s costumes these days. They really go all out.

  39. Donatello! Good choice. Not quite teen-aged, but adorable no less!


 40. Little Einstein.


41. Treasure Troll. Some people have no idea what this is.

treasure troll pink

42. Now here’s a classic! Bob’s Big Boy! This little, excuse me, Big Boy is too cute. I wonder how embarrassed he will be when he sees this 10 years from now.

big_boy_from_big_boy_restaurants (1)sm

43. These two are in a rush to grow up. Someone should tell them to slow down.


44. Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

Napoleon Dynamiters

 45. More Minions! These two are pint sized.


46. Uh oh, here comes trouble! Chucky and Tiffany from the Bride of Chucky.


47. The cutest little Hobbit the world has ever seen.


48. Breaking Bad. Now this is just wrong. I wonder if these kids even know who they are dressed as. If they do, someone aught to talk to their parents. I had to keep the meme form of this picture, it was too funny.


49. I don’t know which is worse, this young Hannibal Lecter or the Breaking Bad kids. I’m going to go with this one, because this kid is bound and actually looks sad.


 The same can be said about many pet owners when it comes to dressing up their pets. Some people go all out. So last but not least on the costume list, we have to once again show some love for the animals participating, albeit unwillingly in the Halloween festivities.

50. Here we have a most excellent Mad Hatter.  The perfect cat for such a disguise.


51. Little Red Riding Hood. I think she’s got the wolf’s teeth in her sight.


52. This Harry Potter pup is too cute.


53. Why not have your Bull Terrier be the mascot from Target?


54. Mr. T.

Mr T

55. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer, from Ghost Busters.

image (2)

56. Gandalf the Grey, from Lord of the Rings.


57. A perfect pair as the Blues Brothers.

Blues Bros.

 58. A superb dragon. This costume is so cool I would want my dog to where it all the time.


59. Skeleton horse. Tell me this isn’t super cool. This took a lot of time to do I’m sure.


60. Closing out this year’s Halloween Costume Spectacular is this guy, who we all have probably seen or heard of by now. This is pretty wrong, but it’s hilarious.

Hideyo wife hide yo kidsrs

Halloween is on Friday this year, don’t get too crazy! Be careful out there and have fun!
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