Halloween is almost upon us. The night when kids go trick or treating, when friends go to fancy dress parties, and when the world’s movie fans unite in their love of horror movies. Whether the traditional classics, the modern greats or our own personal favorites, us movie lovers love Halloween for one reason above all… The scary flicks. So what better way to celebrate Halloween 2015 than with a look at the scariest, goriest and most iconic scenes from the very finest the horror movie genre has to offer? From that infamous shower scene of Psycho to the legendary spree killer Michael Meyers of the Halloween franchise attempting to kill his second sister, here are the 10 greatest and most iconic horror movie scenes to ever turn the silver screen to red. Happy Halloween, fellow horror movie lovers…


Psycho The Shower

Carrie – The Blood

The OmenThe Church

Alien The Chestburster

A Nightmare On Elm Street The First Death

Scream The Call

The Exorcist The Head Spin

The ShiningThe “Here’s Johnny”

Friday The 13th Part 2The Mommy

Halloween The Chase