The Internet loves making something out of nothing.

Case in point: Last week, actress Monica Bellucci (Irreversible, The Matrix Reloaded) was announced as the newest “Bond girl.” To hear sites like The Daily Beast and the Inquistr explain it, this is either a triumphant strike against age disparity in the Bond franchise (nevermind that Honor Blackman was five years older than Sean Connery in Goldfinger) or a reason to constantly point out that Monica Bellucci is REALLY old (nevermind that star Daniel Craig is 46).

However, fans of the Bond series (which is like all of Britain and then some) have been championing for Monica Bellucci to become a Bond Girl for nearly a decade. Why? Because a Bellucci performance is mysterious and reserved. It drips undeniable sex appeal and always sports the highest fashions. Basically, she has all the idealized elements of a key player in a Bond movie, male or female.

So get it right, Internet. Monica Bellucci doesn’t need age as an excuse to be a Bond girl or not, she was pre-destined to be one. And if that isn’t convincing enough, I can think of 10 more reasons why…








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