Batman’s cinematic evolution through the years.

By Troy-Jeffrey Allen

Given the abundance of superhero films actively hitting the theater, it may be hard to believe that no other caped crusader has had more screen time than Batman (that’s theatrical releases, mind you). Landing 10 feature films over the course of 70+ years as a pop icon.

Over on Vimeo, Jacob T. Swinney has edited together a video of Batman’s numerous on-screen appearances. As you can see in the following compilation, from 1943 to 2012, Batman has been taking his war on crime to the streets and evolving every step of the way.

Surprisingly enough, (and because this is Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever costume clearly remains the most maneuverable and therefore the most well-designed. In costume, star Val Kilmer dives, flips, and kicks a lot of villainous ass. Especially when compared to Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, and George Clooney, who can barely move their heads in their respective rubber cowls.

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