It’s a commercial for a video game… but it’s an awesome commercial for a video game!

by Roman Watts

It all started in an Asylum; then it spilled out into the City; after that it got an Origin (which… should have happened first, technically speaking…); and now it has become… a Knight (does anyone else feel like we are going in circles here?)

No, I’m not talking about the Special Edition Bluray of The Fisher King… I’m talking about the newest commerc…er… trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight! (cue lightning)



This time, though, $#!+ has gotten REAL… like, “real” as in “live-action”… with real humans getting paid to pretend they live in Gotham and be all bad-ass and what not. It was all pretty “real”, in the Sho’ Nuff sense of the word, from the beginning, but now, in all its cutting edge next-gen trouser-tent glory you will finally get to actually see an uber-wet-your-pants-hi-definition Dark Knight beat down hordes of misguided fist-fodder and the mentally ill with all the gusto of a delusional pot calling the kettle “Punk”… just as Bob Kane intended!

"These deals are innnSANE!!"

It’s a cry for help.

I mean, would you look at this $#%+! It’s so real I think I got Bat-sweat in my eyes.

So, watch this trailer (commercial) and be fearless, be courageous, and… for godsake already… be the goddamn Batman!

(Rated M for MWANNGG!)


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