By Tabatha LeStrange

With all that the Marvel franchise has given us and planned in the comic book and film industry alike, comes a dedicated search engine just for it’s universe. Old and new fans alike will appreciate that by entering a simple name, you can get exactly the information you are looking for with organized options. This is the brainchild of Filix Mogilevsky, someone who thought it was about time to provide all related sources in one spot.
It is just a quick reference guide of characters and comics however, as the information you’re looking for is provided by an external link. Another thing to note, is that it’s still in it’s infancy, so it falls short here and there for certain characters, source material and continuity. So why not just stick to Wikia or the Marvel website (which much of the content is linked to)? Well, you may find yourself doing that anyway, but how it differentiates itself  from Wikia or, is that you are taken to a library from which you can choose the exact material you are looking for instead of scanning through endless content for one specific detail. For example, I chose “Characters” from the drop down menu and searched for Captain America. With that, my options  included “House of M”, “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes”, “Marvel War of Heroes”, “Sam Wilson”, “Ultimate” and “Steve Rogers MAA”. Now I can choose just what I want to be linked to. Needless to say, if I entered Captain America under the “Comics” option, I would have a plethora of related comic books presented to me. Easy Peasy.


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