I’m seen some toys, and I’ve seen some awesome toys, but this one takes the cake.

HCG Props has made a life size replica of the M41A pulse rifle from the seminal ALIENS (1986). If you are a regular reader of ACTION A GO GO you would know that the M41A pulse rifle won our Top 10 movie weapons of all time list. You can read the full list here, but here of some of the highlights from the post:

The M41A Pulse Rifle wasn’t just popular, it destroyed the competition, taking 62% of votes in the machine gun category. That’s what you call dominance right there. And I can’t blame our voters! This thing fires 10mm caseless ammo and has an attached grenade launcher under the barrel. And boy does it kick ass! This is the one weapon in the known universe that Xenomorphs actually cower away from in fear. That’s right, the scariest creature in movie history wets itself when it sees one of these. And how could it not? This mean bastard is capable of ripping acres of them to shreds AND THEN lighting them up with grenades.

So yeah … I like this weapon a lot, even if it is fake. Check out some photos of this bad boy …






Now, it is a bit pricey at $500, but if you are a Xenomorph hating super fan of the franchise you know what you need to put on your wish list.

You can purchase the M41A prop pulse rifle right here.  (Link goes to the “weathered” edition but other versions are available)

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