Lucasfilm and Disney released an interesting little behind-the-scenes reel from the set of the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at Comic-Con this summer. It’s filled with little tidbits of footage that’ll most likely give life-long fans some chills.

While definitely interesting, the video also, unfortunately, feels a lot like another example of Lucasfilm playing their fan-service card a little too hard. We get it already, there will be a lot of practical effects in this movie. The way Lucasfilm and Abrams keep harping on this particular bit of aesthetic decision-making feels as if they think this is all fans could possibly want from a “Star Wars” movie.


Unfortunately, they may be right. Regardless, effects of any kind only serve a story and we have yet to gather any real substantial information on the story of “The Force Awakens”, which makes all the hubbub about what types of effects are being used little more than meaningless noise. All that said, “Star Wars” is an exciting thing no matter what, and the clear enthusiasm the people in this project have for the franchise is infectious, even when their methods sound kind of desperate.

Take a peek at the video and see what you think.

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