Though many may disagree, to my mind George Lucas’s STAR WARS films, specifically the prequel trilogy, are some of the most meticulously constructed and poetically resonant motion pictures to ever grace the big screen.

Few directors have such a mind for narrative lyricism and the thematic and emotional weight of imagery as George Lucas has. And he proves this a thousand times over with the STAR WARS films, specifically how he connects and relates his second trilogy with the first. The parallels in imagery that connect stories from one episode to another elevate STAR WARS as a film series and make it one of the greatest and most important epic operas in the history of storytelling. An achievement which no other original series of films (THE LORD OF THE RINGS is based on a book, y’all) can lay claim or even compare to.

Director Pablo Fernández Eyre recently pieced together a dialogue-less video essay editing these visual parallels side by side, so as to emphasize the level of meticulousness and specificity that went into making the STAR WARS Saga the work of genius that it is. Do yourself a massive favor and check it out below:

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