Over at EW.com, LucasFilm has revealed 27 awesome images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (below).

That’s not hype either. The Star Wars franchise has long valued itself on creating rich, textured environments despite taking place in a “galaxy far far away.” The following official still photos seem to fall in line with that logic, providing our eye holes with truly gorgeous production and costume design.

Be sure to pick up the double-sized Star Wars preview issue of Entertainment Weekly at your local newsstand this Friday.first-order-tie-fighter millennium-falcon-02 millennium-falcon-flies daisy-ridley-bb8-john-boyega finn-and-rey rey-star-destroyer bb8 bobbajo captain-phasma landing-ship knights-of-ren first-order-troopers-shoot STK680188 STK680188-5 STK680188-6 STK680188-7 ;l;ll STK680188-4 STK680188-1 41 STK680188-2 STK680188-3 2_1600x1200

Star Wars the Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th (as if you didn’t know).

Source: EW