Last week, on the day of our Lord November 5th, 2015 something amazing happened. No, I’m not talking about the premiere of The Hunger Games: Let’s Make More Money Part 2. Instead, I’m talking about something truly revolutionary and earth shaking. Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer locked lips in public.

That’s right, two of the hottest women on the planet kissed at the premiere, and that moment of serenity you felt on November 5th was probably due to this event. At that moment no one was hungry, the sun shined warmly on all of planet earth, and there was even peace in the middle east.

Here is a gif that seals this precious moment in time forever.


You see that? It totally happened. Let’s watch that again slowed down a bit.


This is why the internet was invented, folks. In this second one we can more clearly see Lawrence barely capable of understanding the magnitude of this incredible moment in human history. Meanwhile Dormer, ever the professional, simply takes it like a champ and dives in for more, surprised it’s over so soon. She’s an English actress, the best kind, so when faced with this bit of a impromptu performance she just rolls with it. Kudos to her.

This was my reaction when I witnessed these talented young women brave trendsetting heroes accidently make out:

For once in my life I was absolutely happy and I had no problems whatsoever. There was nothing wrong with the world. I lost weight. My hangover was gone. I was good at math. I found the left sock I thought I had lost in the washing machine.

Then, it got better. This is how J Law (I can call her this because I am her biggest fan now) ended the interaction.


You hear that? She liked it! That means there may be more to come! This is the last Hunger Games film (thank God) but we need to figure out a way to get these two magnificent ladies in a movie together again. Put Natalie Dormer in an X-Men film. Shove Jennifer Lawrence onto Games of Thrones. Put Seal Team 6 on the case. I don’t care what we need to do, but these women need to work together again a.s.a.p. Nothing else on planet earth matters more than this.

Check out the full video of the cast making their way to the premiere in London where this event … no, this miracle happened.