Kingsman co-creator Mark Millar delivered a write up for about how Hollywood’s cynical take on jubilant comic heroes inspired his new series, Huck. While admittedly self-promotional, the piece may surprise a few people since it is coming from the man who gave us Kick-Ass and Marvel’s Old Man Logan.

You can check out a preview and synopsis for Huck below. And you can read about how Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel influenced Millar to make the title HERE.
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Story By: Mark Millar
Art By: Rafael Albuquerque
In a quiet seaside town, Huck uses his special gifts to do a good deed each day. His neighbors return the favors by keeping his abilities a secret. But when a newcomer alerts the media, a firestorm erupts, sending Huck on an adventure that will change everything. This brand-new series from writer MARK MILLAR and artist RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE presents a comicbook unlike anything you’ve read before. Featuring a Feel-Good Movie variant cover by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE. -Image Comics

Yep, that’s a Field of Dreams variant. As a matter of fact, each issue of Huck will be a sort of homage to the feel good movies of yesteryear.

You can pick up Huck tomorrow at local comic shops.

Source: Millarworld