I’ve been told that writing poetry makes you a better writer (or something along those lines…I never paid attention in class when we discussed poetry). Personally, I’ve never touched the stuff. All that emotion makes me uncomfortable. However, artist Gavin Aung Than has actually written the first bit of poetry that not only did I enjoy, but actually struck an emotional chord.

Gavin is the cartoonists behind Zen Pencils.com, a weekly to bi-weekly webcomic that takes inspirational quotes and turns them into webcomics. His latest entry however, isn’t pulled from a famous saying. Instead, Aung Than created a little inspirational strip of his own (below). It’s called “My spirit is a roaring sea,” and it is a martial arts epic that’s so bad ass that it even made this emotionally stunted lizard brain feel better about his day.

Take it away, Gavin…



You can check out more of Zen Pencils work (including a really great comic that uses a Stanley Kubrick quote) at zenpencils.com! Be sure to show him some love.

Source: Zen Pencils