Dead or Alive Extreme 3 isn’t coming to the Western world. At least that’s the story according to the Team Ninja community manager who posted the following response to the DOA Facebook page last week…


After a bit of prodding, the DOA community manager elaborated a bit as to why Asia will get the game, but the US and Europe will not…


For those of you not familiar, DOA Xtreme 3 is the third installment in the Dead or Alive volleyball series. Featuring the female fighters from the infamous Dead or Alive franchise (known for its “bouncing breast mode”), Xtreme 3 lets you play as several of the bodacious heroines in an blatantly “titillating” game of beach volleyball (and several mini-games).

The DOA community manager’s words (albeit, broken) have reignited a gender war within the already fragile gaming community, once again causing folks to draw lines in the sand. One person who supports bringing DOA to the West is none other than YouTube’s GamingAnarchist.

In the following video, GamingAnarchist outlines the unfolding “controversy” with clipped precision. Doing a far more competent job than I can of explaining what fueled this latest fire in the ongoing stand-off between “gamers” and their opposition.

Is GA on the money? I’ll let you decide. No judgements here. However, I will point out that if you do like the words that fall out of his snarling visage then you can check out more of his work over on YouTube. On the flip side, if you don’t…well, maybe this is more your steez…

As for Xtreme 3, it looks like the game’s publisher isn’t budging on bringing the title to the US or Europe. So if you’re insistent then your best bet is to import a copy thanks to Play-Asia.