Mad Max: Fury Road is making the rounds throughout the awards circuit…but don’t let that fool you. This film is unapologetically an action movie. The kind that would have never even been considered for an Oscar or Golden Globe 20 years ago, but is being lauded for its balls-to-walls approach now. Go figure.


So what makes this film so special? Well, every few years, these “prestigious” awards shows recognize that action is story. That the narrative momentum found within the best blockbusters is the end result of masterful editing and, directing — that that type of audience manipulation is a skill worth standing up and recognizing.

The following “Kill Count” video for Mad Max eliminates a lot of those master strokes for the sake of a highlight reel. However, if you’ve seen the film already then it will probably make you want to relive the efforts of director George Miller, editor Margaret Sixel, and a lot of very committed stunt people. So dip your toe in with this supercut by Hyperspace Duck, and then pop open that blu ray or fire up that HBO Go account and travel down the Fury Road all over again.

Source: YouTube