Have you ever got into your car and started to drive on a normal day and suddenly a rain drop or snow flake hits your windshield and by the time you look away from it you’re caught in a sea of red? Everyone’s on their breaks, panic ensues, everyone has literally forgotten everything they’ve learned about driving.  This is something I have not been able to wrap my head around ever. Time after time, I have screamed into the air, instructions on how to drive in in-climate weather as I watch what is unfolding all around me. This is a common occurrence in this area and it is absolute madness.  The lack of help people are willing to offer when there’s no place to go and nothing to do but help is ridiculous. The sheer disregard of safety is insane and the sudden amnesia that strikes when it’s anything but a sunny day is just unreal.

During my heinous drive home a couple of nights ago this described 99% of people on the road. It was snowing, the roads were icy and everyone was in a rush to go NOWHERE. Instead of helping anyone else in front of them, everyone decided to just sit there…. waiting for their turn to get stuck in the same spot as the guy in front of them.
If you want to get home in something like this, you have to be a part of the solution. Not only are you helping someone else out of a predicament they don’t want to be in, you are helping yourself. We all want the same thing, to get home.


I’m not going to lie, I was a little ticked at people who decided to honk, flash high beams and be a general ass hat instead of lend a hand to anyone else preventing them from getting to their destination wait until they or someone else cleared a path for them. I helped people get on track for an hour and many of these cars were FULL. Only one of those cars full of people had someone actually get out and help me help them and I estimate that was about 30 cars. Don’t get me wrong, I understand certain people choosing not to, like the elderly or disabled passengers. This is not a job exclusive to strong men though. Take it from me, a woman, a buck ten soaking wet.

There was even a guy who got bundled up and left his house only to WATCH people struggle for 30 minutes. Whisky Tango Foxtrot.

It is clear winter is here, especially in the DMV. This weekend we are experiencing a heinous snow storm that is supposed to be one for the history books. To my surprise, I found an article that shared my sentiments exactly and practically my own experiences with drivers in the snow. It is a must read, as it contains crucial advice on how to conduct yourself when the snow hits:

How to drive in the snow in a regular-ass car without freaking out.

Use your head people, you can do it.