Kotobukiya’s seemingly bottomless line of highly-detailed statues are something to behold. Featuring some of the most iconic characters of comics, anime, video games, movies, and more, Kotobukiya continues to deliver trophy room quality figures that will make you the envy of peers (if they have good taste). Now the makers of the ARTFX+ series and the Bishoujo Collection is returning to the Ghost in the Shell series with a new ARTFXJ statue!

Product description and gallery follow:

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  The latest new addition to the ARTFXJ lineup (a bold expansion designed “to bring Japanese characters to their fans worldwide”) is the internationally mega-popular franchise Ghost in the Shell!  Leaping directly out of the re-imagining series Ghost in the Shell: Arise with character designs by Kazuchika Kise is the main heroine in an amazing new presentation: MOTOKO KUSANAGI!  A younger version of the cyborg than she appeared in previous installments of the series, Motoko sits atop a high-tech device that’s plugged into her prosthetic body via wires and cables in her legs, chest, and back.  The 501 Organization Agent waits impatiently for the procedure to be finished with one hand resting next to her and the other casually holding a pistol with her arm resting on her pulled-up knee.  Motoko wears her signature red shorts and top and her short blue hair frames her scowling face and matches her blue eyes.  The machinery in her base, wires, and connection ports in her body are beautifully rendered with intricate sculpted detail and lots of different colors.  Sculpted by Shin Tanabe, Motoko Kusanagi is over 6 ½ inches tall (1/8 scale) sitting on her unique display base and makes for the perfect centerpiece in your Ghost in the Shell collection!

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Currently this bad boy is available to pre-order from the official Koto’ store for $109.99! Get it before it is gone!

Source: Kotobukiya