Artist Chris Weston took to Twitter recently to unleash a quartet of Die Hard prints that he recently worked on, and they are too good not to acknowledge.

“Roughs,” he says. I’ll be the judge of that! Let’s take a closer look…


You may know of Chris’ art from his extensive work for the good folks at 2000 AD. Personally, I will always associate him with drawing floating semen that impales unsuspecting humans in he and Grant Morrison’s The Filth. Other notable works: The Authority (when it was good), Ministry of Space (with Warren Ellis), Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales (with Steve Moore), and The Invisibles (with Grant Morrison again).

What’s that? “More Die Hard,” you say? Can’t blame you… Image-86-600x1020 10659035_1497073867216533_268696172853102709_o 1511039_1524906821099904_4985134178077299063_n

So where can you get these jaw-dropping dedications to the man they call McClane? Well…

Now isn’t that just about the cruelest thing known to man?

It’s okay, Chris. We still love you and your horrifying sperm monsters.

You can check out more of Chris Weston’s stuff on Twitter and his blog.