DEBATABLE 120 – The Man Behind The Man Behind the Poster with Erik Sharkey

ERIK SHARKEY joins me to talk about his career as a filmmaker. We touch on his origins, his feature debut “Sexina,” Troma, his love of illustrators and his excellent doc on movie poster maestro, Drew Struzan, “Drew Struzan: The Man Behind the Poster.” The doc pulled heavy talent like George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, and Frank Darabont, all coming to pay their respects to a man who revolutionized film marketing for kids of my generation. There’s no one like Struzan, and Erik is as much a diehard fan of his as any of us. It’s an enlightening conversation with a passionate filmmaker and I was so glad to have the chance to pick his brain. Enjoy!

“Drew Struzan: The Man Behind the Poster” is available on DVD and Netflix, iTunes and other streaming/download locations.

“Sexina” is available on DVD and Amazon Instant.

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Song: The Penitent Man Will Pass

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